a duo that can grow your business

Without realizing it, we started this studio 15 years ago, growing together and sharing professional and personal projects.

Motivated by innovation and high-quality standards, we came together professionally to create inspirational digital strategies.

Acueducto isn’t just a studio, it’s the result of a path that has taken us years to travel, just like our friendship.


design & development / co-founder

An interaction, visual, and motion designer and an open-source-enthusiast developer with an Interaction Design MA from The Harbour Space University and 10 years of design experience.

He has also worked for several design firms, film production houses, and development companies.

Rodrigo is also a music producer, composer, and lyricist; and whether it’s about music, coding or human-machine interactions, he’s always trying out the latest tools while looking for new challenges.


strategy & communication / co-founder

A communication strategist, project and community manager with 7 years of experience as a freelancer.

He has gone from copywriter to content manager, and marketing consultant and is one of the first licensed digital communicators in Mexico.

When he’s not directing the strategy department or managing a project at Acueducto, he runs his own digital record label Bludot.

what makes
us unique

Years of experience have shaped the core values of Acueducto. Governed by the following principles, we develop the best digital strategies to build powerful services, products and applications.

This is our manifesto.

  1. 01

    We get involved

    Trust us, long lasting relationships get the best results.

  2. 02

    We love challenges

    And amazing work can happen if we analyze them together.

  3. 03

    We are quality driven

    If our work is not incredible, why bother doing it?

  4. 04

    We are human

    We put people first, working respecfully with respectful clients.

  5. 05

    We work for your users

    There may be times we will have to side with them.

  6. 06

    We are tech romantics

    Future solutions for today's problems, expect the bleeding edge.

  7. 07

    We are fair

    We rate our work on the added value we bring to your business.

  8. 08

    We keep learning

    We embrace change, a lot of times it’s part of the solution.

  9. 09

    We are always open

    We love feedback, hearing what you have to say is a fundamental part of our process.

placing strategy
at the core

Innovation happens not by a spontaneous spark of creativity, but through a process that looks for real pain points, areas of opportunity, and the best way to solve them.

Approaching challenges through a design-driven perspective means working, alongside our partners, from the inception of the project, to develop strategies that deliver the best results for them and their users.

Discover our process.



Understand the context, audience, needs, and challenges of the project.
We get smart.



Here we re-frame the problem to highlight new insights and opportunities.
We make sense.


build the story

Create a strategy that guides concepting, prioritization, and co-creation.
We create empathy.


design, tech & craft

Create prototypes, copywrite, iterate and refine designs, code, and test the product.
We develop.



Implement new solutions, support socialization of organizational changes and product innovation.
We drive change.



Reflect, document, and iterate on our process and approach.
We get better.

pick our brains
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Read and listen to our thoughts and conversations around a single question: how to build healthy internet businesses?

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